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Moon Me is a weekly podcast where comedian Dana Moon let's you get inside her inappropriate brain and her friends unleash TMI on the world with hilarious personal stories of shame, disgrace, and embarrassment, all for your listening pleasure. 

Feb 19, 2018

Dana sits down with good friend- business owner of Diamond Mind Reiki, incredible reiki healer, teacher and herbalist Erin Somerset!

Erin started doing reiki to help heal her Mom from Cancer and it turned into a huge thriving business where she now helps numerous people heal through soul work.

Erin explains what reiki...

Feb 12, 2018

Dana sits down with brilliant stand up comedian, Jake Weisman, creator, writer and star of Comedy Central’s hit show “Corporate”.

Jake breaks down the art of stand up comedy, gives advice on life and love (spoiler alert nothing really matters) most advice is all bullshit, the key to making something good is...

Feb 5, 2018

Dana sits down with hilarious comedian Jen Murphy, national touring headliner, Last Comic Standing, Comics Unleashed. 

They discuss emotional support pets, Jen’s experience on Last comic standing, how to dodge conversations with guys you’ve dated, stand up, comedy tours, most embarrassing moments in comedy,...

Jan 29, 2018

Dana pops her psychic cherry! You don’t want to miss this amazing metaphysical episode with Psychic Chris Medina. He is hilarious and insightful AND HONEST one of the most accurate psychics working today.

They discuss everything from Dana’s accurate reading last August to how everyone is intuitive and slightly...

Jan 22, 2018

Dana sits down in stretch pants with Jaclyn Marfuggi, amazing actress, comedian and host of “What’s Your Jersey?” Podcast! The girls discuss the gyno, awful stand up comedy intros, their kiss they shared on stage, asshole bleaching, Dana doing dry January and how it gave her a concussion! Lady Gaga, and Britney...